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What Is a Managed Security Service?

A managed security service is a range of services that are provided by a cybersecurity provider. These services are typically offered on a monthly basis. It lets businesses outsource their security functions instead of hiring full-time employees and maintaining their own in-house team.

The service may include round-the-clock all-hours monitoring and administration of firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and patch management. It could also include vulnerability scanning, incident response, and digital forensics. It could also include the use of a virtual private network (VPN) and other security devices to protect devices and data. Many MSSPs are value added resellers who specialize in managed security, or offer it as a part of their existing IT service. Certain MSSPs concentrate on providing security capabilities directly to medium and small-sized businesses.

Choosing the right managed security service is essential, since it will reduce a business’s threat of being attacked, enhance their security posture and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates. When choosing a security partner, choose an organization who is proactive in their approach to cybersecurity and offers 24/7 support.

UBA or user behavior analytics, is an example of a system that works. This technique is used for establishing a baseline of the normal behaviors within a network and then comparing new actions against the baseline to identify irregularities.

The most effective MSSPs are able to learn about an organization and provide visibility so that they can provide specific guidance to deter the effectiveness of attackers, and respond quickly and effectively if an event occurs, as well as improve the security posture of the organization. This includes analyzing and comprehending information and providing alerts to deter threats, reduce risks, and optimize and improve a security plan to ensure it is sustainable.

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