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Virtual Data Storage Saves Organizations From Massive Upfront Cost Commitments

Storage virtualization enables applications to access their data regardless of where it is physically stored. This technology can save organizations huge amounts of money upfront. It also eases the burden of the datacenter by allowing applications run on a single or an extremely limited number of servers.

Startups require an encrypted platform for storing and sharing documents with potential investors in order to conduct due diligence. A VDR like iDeals can simplify the process by offering various options that encourage collaboration.

Private equity and venture capital firms require secure and streamlined pipelines to communicate with their portfolio companies, partners, auditors and others. A VDR is a secure and efficient way to store and transfer sensitive information that is not within the firewall.

Many pharmaceutical and biotech companies work with sensitive documents that need to be stored, reviewed and shared in accordance with HIPAA. A HIPAA-certified VDR, such as iDeals is the perfect option for these companies.

In mergers and acquisitions a lot of documents need to be shared between the parties. A virtual dataroom can provide the security of a secure space for reviewing and collaborating on these documents. This significantly speeds up the deal-making and saves time. A VDR also provides a range of useful features to streamline and make the process easier such as questions and answers sections, as well as annotations to files. This means that the whole team can work effectively and effectively in negotiating a deal without the need for emails or other external platforms.

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