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Selecting a Board Portal Solution

A board portal solution is a set of tools that eases administrative burdens and lets your team concentrate on governance and strategic decision-making. It also puts all stakeholders on a single platform that’s available at any time from desktops to mobile devices.

Board management software permits easy distribution and access to documents. It eliminates the requirement for paper boards as well as attachments to emails, which can be easily lost or unauthorisedly accessed. It automatizes the process, like preparing agendas and putting together action items, to allow the team to focus on more important issues, like strategy and planning.

Choose a company that provides a simple user interface which is easy for non-technical staff and boards to understand and quickly adopt. A board portal provider that is well-known for customer service and is well-known a plus. Check out a review of the positive experiences and awards to discover what other companies think of the company.

Choose a board portal that is secure and complies with accepted standards and regulations in the industry, such as ISO 27001, GDPR and HIPAA. It should have physically secured data centers with multi-layered security, as well as specific permissions to ensure your data is safe and accessible only to authorized users.

The most effective online tools for managing board members allow you to streamline processes and improve communication between board members, executive officers and committees. Through reducing paperwork, distributing documents and managing meetings digitally, the solution lets you concentrate on strategic discussions and decision-making, and save money and time.

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