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Organizing and Managing Data Room Documents for Due Diligence

The documents stored in a data room are critical to the success of any business. When you’re trying to raise money from investors or conclude an acquisition, having the correct information at hand will help accelerate due diligence, lower risk and ensure the integrity of sensitive information during the process.

The organization and management of this data is a key step for entrepreneurs interested in leveraging the virtual data room during the due diligence (DD) process. Industry research indicates that a careful plan for document preparation and organization in a data room can reveal transaction issues early and enhance the outcomes of deals.

When arranging your dataroom for due diligence, you should consider who you’ll be sharing data. To make your data room more accessible, it is important to understand what files and folders they’ll be looking at. For instance, if your group is comprised primarily of bankers and lawyers it is possible to create specific folders for financial documents including legal documents and contracts.

Label your documents and folders clearly. This will allow you to know who has accessed which data and when. It can also prevent the sharing of information that is not authorized. Finally, you’ll want to regularly keep your data up-to-date and in good room to make sure that all the information it contains is up-to-date and accurate. To do this, it is possible to include audit logs that give an overview of all document activity, including when a file was accessed and by whom.

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