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How to Prepare a Presentation for the Board Meeting

It is important to know what your audience’s expectations are when you prepare a presentation for a board meeting. A presentation for the board will be able to. inform them about an important area of business, or. provide context and data to enable them to dig deeper into a specific topic to support making strategic decisions.

Board members have a lot on their plates, from juggling their own roles and responsibilities to helping to ensure the success of the company. They aren’t expected to hammer out every detail of every report or project – and that is okay! Board meetings are about bigger-picture discussions that impact the long-term goals of the organization and its their value.

This knowledge can help you move past shallow or repetitive reports and instead move towards strong storytelling, which inspires helpful discussions and critical decisions. It also helps to ensure that your audience is comfortable with the language you’re using – for instance, if your Board isn’t familiar with a specific industry or strategy, it’s best not to use any jargon that could make them confused.

Consider if you can incorporate humor into your slides prior to the presentation. It is essential to read the audience and avoid making jokes that might not be appreciated, particularly in the case of budget cuts or redundancies. Pay attention to the non-verbal communication occurring in the room. 70% to 90% of it is non-verbal.

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