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How to Prepare a Board Meeting Agenda

An agenda for board meetings provides a roadmap for productive discussion and efficient decision-making. It is recommended to utilize an outline or template to create an effective agenda for a board session, and to place the most important sections on top. The most common sections of a board meeting agenda include a call for order as well as minutes of the previous meeting, committee reports, and new and old business.

Make sure that the agenda of your board contains supporting materials for every item on the agenda. This will ensure that everyone is aware of what’s being discussed and give them the opportunity to review the information prior to the meeting. Make sure to include time limits for each of the agenda items, to ensure that meetings don’t overrun and valuable discussion topics are not rushed or left unanswered.

Designate someone to create the agenda for the board meeting and distribute it to other board members well ahead of the meeting. This gives them a chance to go through the board meeting agenda and prepare their responses.

Begin the meeting by calling the meeting to order, allowing the chair of the board to welcome attendees and provide a general update on the progress of the meeting’s preparations. Then proceed with the approval of minutes from the previous meeting, followed by a review of changes to the agenda which have been submitted from board members since it was distributed. Then, there is a section designated for strategic planning. If necessary an executive meeting that is closed is scheduled. The meeting is then called off.

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