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How to Have a Great Board Meeting

There is no doubt that coordinating a board meeting can be a time-consuming and frustrating job. Your meetings could be ineffective and deplete your productivity if they lack focus, discipline or enthusiasm. There are a few simple steps you can do to ensure that your directors are fully engaged and take part in a productive board meeting.

Make sure you review your meetings at least Once a Year

Feedback is one of the best methods to improve meetings. After a few of your meetings invite your board members to take two sticky notes and put “+” on the parts that were positive and “-” on the areas that could be improved. Request them to put the notes on an affixed poster to display at the entrance of the meeting, so that everyone can see the areas that need to be improved.

Control Your Time

Keep your meetings as brief as possible to ensure that you have enough time for genuine discussions and decision-making. Resist the temptation to include lengthy reports and “have to” things on your agenda. Consider breaking down detailed information from your board book into smaller discussion topics. Also, you can have your directors conduct their own research before the meeting and bring questions prepared to discuss.

Board meetings are also a great opportunity to boost the team’s enthusiasm and spur to take action. By adding “mission moments” to the meetingthe time when board members can listen to testimonials or hear stories about how your organization has made an impact on people’s lives is an enormous boost of energy for the entire group.

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