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How to Conduct an Online Board Meeting

Virtual board meetings are now a permanent element of many companies’ board member and director engagement. While remote work used to be thought of as an option to help organizations through the COVID-19 crisis, it’s now a feature incorporated into their board member and directors engagement. It can take time for boards to become comfortable and productive in virtual settings.

The most obvious issue is that it can be difficult to create the same kind of camaraderie and engagement in a virtual gathering as a real-life one. Adding an interactive component to meetings such as breakout sessions, quizzes or even a quick poll can be helpful in breaking lengthy presentations and encouraging more participation. Another issue is that those who are not used to using video conference or teleconferencing platforms might be intimidated being online. This could result in lower engagement levels than usual.

It is crucial to ensure that the technology platform chosen for online board meetings is user-friendly so that it’s user-friendly for everyone. It is helpful to go through the technology before the meeting to ensure that everyone has the appropriate equipment and can participate without any problems. It’s also beneficial to limit the length of online meetings in order to prevent screen fatigue as people can get uncomfortable after staring at the screen of a computer for too long. A brief agenda with estimates of time limits for each item could aid in the pace of the call and aid the chair in controlling the meeting.

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