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Collaboration Tools For Board Meetings

Collaboration tools for board meetings are software solutions that assist teams to work more effectively together. These tools are designed to simplify and improve communication, increase transparency and improve productivity in the workplace. However, it’s important to choose a tool that will meet your specific needs, as some tools may not be appropriate for all scenarios.

Among the most popular collaboration tools is Slack, which helps team members communicate in real-time with each other. With a clean and intuitive design, Slack allows for multiple communication channels that can be public or private. This allows everyone in the team to be part of discussions without interfering with one other’s workflow. The platform is so popular that it is used by large organizations like Starbucks and Comcast among others.

OnBoard is another collaboration tool that you should take into consideration. It simplifies governance processes, allowing participants to focus on strategic decisions. With a focus on ease of use for everyone with a technical expertise, OnBoard helps reduce meeting preparation time and provides a full suite of meeting management tools. The solution promotes a paper-free meeting and helps to improve efficiency and sustainability by providing digital access to documents.

If you’re interested learning more about collaboration tools that can benefit your business, contact Govenda today. We are a top provider of software that manages board meetings with collaborative features specifically designed to help your team make an informed decision outside of the boardroom and during the meeting. You can also have your board or committee take votes on important decisions during the meeting or in between meetings using Govenda’s in-app voting procedures.

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