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Challenges of an Online Board Meeting

A well-organized online board meeting is a great way to improve the effectiveness and accountability of a non-profit organization. However, it can also create challenges. One of these is the lack of physical interaction between participants. This can affect how board members communicate, which can negatively impact the decision-making process.

The key to a successful virtual board meeting is having the proper tools, the right procedures for training and communication in place. The choice of a suitable online management software with live polling, security that is enterprise-level and the ability to conduct real-time voting during the meeting is important. It is essential that everyone has a stable connection to the internet and are comfortable with their videoconferencing equipment. It is suggested that an initial meeting be held prior to the actual meeting, particularly for any new board members. This will permit any issues to be solved ahead of time.

Another issue is the absence of expressions and facial expressions, which can make it harder to follow discussions and understand how other participants are feeling. To avoid this, board members should turn off their microphones only turning them on when they need to speak. It is also essential to have a clear plan for granting the floor to the different owners, and to limit their speaking time to avoid confusion and noise.

It’s also an excellent idea for those who wish to attend the meeting, but aren’t ready to attend in an area where they can wait. This will stop attendees from being unable to join the meeting even though it’s already taking place which could lead to a loss of productivity and reduce the effectiveness of the meeting.

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