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Business Processes Related to Contracting and Management

A business process is a series of structured activities by people or equipment document sharing that create the product or service in a specified sequence to accomplish an organizational objective. The efficient, streamlined processes allow companies to organize their work, run their operations, accomplish goals, and offer value to customers and employees.

Contracting processes in business and management involve conceiving, designing, planning procurement, preconstruction commissioning, and finally decommissioning an project. Each of these steps involves multiple stakeholders, contracts and agreements, deliverables, milestones, risks and responsibilities. They are typically complex and time-consuming. They are also labor-intensive. The efficiency and effectiveness of the processes determine the success of a project. The quality of these processes directly impacts employee morale and satisfaction of customers.

Corcentric is often requested to modify construction companies’ processes to enhance their performance. This is done by carrying out an in-depth review of the current processes used by the client before preparing a detailed proposal on how to improve those processes to meet specific goals (e.g. Reduce cycle times, improve quality. Implement the new process. Then monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the process to achieve desired results and outcomes.

Business processes that are not optimized can result in delays throughout the organization. Insufficiently defined and efficient workflows can lead to frustration at work. Poorly created processes, like could cause employees to spend a lot of time looking for information and completing tasks which could be automated.

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