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Bitdefender Threat Scanner Review

Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus scanners for Mac, with consistently excellent rates of malware detection and many other beneficial security features. However, the application isn’t without its imperfections.

The default interface for the suite is simple to navigate and features in 3 categories: Protection privacy, Utilities, and Protection. The Protection tab is a focus on the features you would expect from an antivirus program, such as real-time scanning, firewall monitoring, and ransomware countermeasures. The Privacy tab offers suggestions on how to stay safe on internet, including an encrypted web browser which runs websites in a sandbox in order to stop malware from infecting your regular browser. The Utilities tab includes optimization tools as well as an application that shreds files using exclusive algorithms, making them unrecoverable even when they are deleted.

Other features are available on premium plans, including a handy password manager and an anti-tracking solution that can stop excessive tracking by a variety of web-based services. The program also offers an vulnerability scan that can detect outdated apps, weak passwords, and Windows updates that haven’t yet been applied. It also offers a quick custom scan which only takes five minutes, much faster than competitors like Norton and TotalAV.

The only drawback of the application is that it takes some time to install, which can frustrate users who want to begin. In addition, the application’s “Reveal in Finder” option doesn’t work and is a bizarre absence for an antivirus application that competes with rival solutions that can do the same thing in just a few clicks.

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